June – September 2015
Tinguely Museum, Basel, Swiss


Exhibition Designer

Curated By

Roland Wetzel

Produced By

Tinguely Museum and Lisson Gallery

Project Status


Artists Exhibited

Haroon Mirza
Jeremy Deller
Channa Horwitz
TJ O’ Keefe
Guy Sherwin
Richard Sides
Jean Tinguely
Francesca Fornasari
Mattia Bosco
Gaia Fugazza
Alexander Heim
Gary Hill
Anish Kapoor
Alexander Calder

Haroon Mirza, A Chamber for Horwitz: Sonakinatography Transcriptions in Surround Sound, entrance.

The exhibition Hrm199 Ltd (the name of H. Mirza’s studio company) focuses on the approach of artistic process/work which implies many contributors as in a rhizome-like structure.

Haroon Mirza, A Chamber for Horwitz: Sonakinatography Transcriptions in Surround Sound.

H. Mirza extensive exhibition presents, in this sense, a variety of artistic cooperations with artists, co-workers in his studio, architects, people involved in the Museum.

Haroon Mirza, Pavilion of Optimisation, a complex wall, roof, flooring stratigraphy allowing a 6 seconds echo/sound reverberation.

The show includes existing works and several new pieces, distributed/located on the different floors of the Museum. The space and public circulation flow of the Museum have been completely redesigned, operation which included a new visualization and display of Tinguely’s monumental artworks.

Haroon Mirza, The system-green room.

Pavilions, chambers, corridors respond to functional aspects such as acoustic insulation, 8 seconds reverberation time, dark and bright spaces requested by Mirza’s complex artworks, but they reveal in the meantime an aesthetic value.

Polygonal room with felt panels. Sound Spill is an exhibition within the exhibition Hrm199 Ltd, curated by Haroon Mirza and Richard Sides with works by Guy Sherwin, Gary Hill and Alexander Heim.

In fact spaces are combined with the artworks in an extension of their distinctive world and evoke sometimes domestic, sometimes spiritual, sometimes alienating places.

Making of Standing stones by Mattia Bosco and Haroon Mirza at Studio Nicoli, Carrara – Italy.